Bodyweight workout.

Todays Workout:
Body Weight Timed Strength Workout 
Lately I have been into doing Quick high intensity workouts. Thanks to Pinterest I have been able to find great workouts that get my heart pumping.  This workout comes from Lindsay at 'In Sweetness and in Healthy'. It is also great because you need nothing more than your body weight and a timer to do it {so it would be a great workout to do when traveling and don't have access to a gym.  I finished it in 26 minutes even. I didn't rest really at all in between exercises and really only about 15-20 seconds in between reps.  It was an awesome workout and I was definitely sweating!

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  1. Hey Marci,

    You might be interested in this video interview I did with Daniel of FitnessFAQs, who has gotten into great shape through bodyweight training alone.

    Here is the blog post about it: http://www.bodyhack.com/blog/proof-that-bodyweight-training-works-interview-924

    Hope you like it!