Food By State!

I ran into this map at My Food Looks Funny and thought it was interesting if nothing else. 
What do you think? Is your state represented well? 
Here is my two cents--
*Utah-- Green Jello... Of course but really?  I know they say that more green jello is sold in Utah than anywhere else but in my 25 years of growing up and I must say that it was not eaten all that much-- really hardly ever.  Maybe red jello but green?  Not sure what else I would have assigned Utah with though?
*Massachusetts... spot on with 'Clam Chower.' I  could uses a bowl of some good New England Chowda for lunch today. 
*Iowa... I would say Corn first and foremost- but with Nebraska having taken the honor(which makes sense), I guess 'loose-meat sandwiches' (aka sloppy joes, maid-rites etc.) fit the bill.  I mean they were invented here... and are quite often on menus around these parts. Me not being a fan hasn't had one since I have lived here though.... maybe I better get on that.

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  1. This is really cute!!!!! Like all the different foods for each state...makes me hungry!!!