Easy Exercise Pregnancy Goal

As a follow up to yesterdays post, I think a very reasonable goal for all pregnant women (or anyone for that matter) is to...
Log at least 1 mile a day. (not counting your normal walking etc.) 
 Either by walking, jogging, or running! Of course it is recommended that you do more that just 1 mile.   
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day on most if not all days of the week, unless you have a medical or pregnancy complication. 
30 minutes--- so simple.  And really 1 mile.  You can't come up with a good excuse not to for only that distance.  

I made this a goal when I first found out I was pregnant and can say that for almost every week for at least 5x during the week I have logged in1+ miles. Having this goal-- really helped me get out of bed on those mornings when I felt far from great during the 1st trimester. I also found that once I got exercising, I wasn't thinking so much about how crappy I felt and instead focused on the exercise. I can say that on most days after returning from exercising I have more energy and feel better!

*some situations this may not be possible or safe. Consult Dr. before any serious exercise regimen  

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