Healthier Chicken Nugget Alternatives

The other day I mentioned Dino Chicken Nuggets--- and it made me think of all the easy- healthier versions of chicken strips that I make. Me and the Mr. find that chicken is our go-to item quite often and when we want something simple chicken strips it is.

Making your own chicken strips(or nuggets) is super easy.

(Sorry no pics for this, I never make things unless there is a pic--- but trust me that these are great-tasty-healthy and easy.)

Oven-Fried Chicken Strips
1/2 cup dry bread crumbs
3 T. Parmesan cheese  
1/2 tsp. seasoned salt
1 lb. skinless boneless chicken breast halves-- (I tend to use tenders as well. That way they are already cut into perfect sizes. Really whatever you have works)
3 T. Plain nonfat yogurt or Light Mayo

(you can change these up to have any seasonings or flavors that you/your kids prefer- I like to use Italian seasonings with garlic salt, and red pepper flakes to add just a little spice)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.  Combine bread crumbs and seasonings. Cut chicken into desired size strips. Brush chicken on all sides with a light coating of mayo(or yogurt), then roll in seasoned bread crumbs to coat thoroughly.
Line cookie sheet with tinfoil- place cooling rack on top and spray with nonstick cooking spray.  Arrange chicken pieces on rack. Bake for 15-20 minutes(depends on size of chicken) or until fork tender and juices run clear.

-Makes 4 servings.

Here are some links to some other great chicken strips.
Baked Crisp Pecorino Romano Chicken  from Sweet and Savory Tooth.
Crispy BBQ Chicken Fingers  & Whole Wheat Breaded Crispy Chicken from How Sweet It Is.

Really the possibilities are endless. Whatever flavors you like--- you can make happen.  
Do you have a favorite oven baked chicken strip/nugget recipe? 

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