Blueberries- Yum Yum

You hear all the time how AMAZING and SUPER HEALTHY Blueberries are. They get the credit for being one of the healthiest or maybe even the most beneficial fruits when it comes to antioxidant power and ability to destroy all those nasty free radicals.
Even with all health benefits of blueberries I have tried to LOVE blueberries---- but it hasn't been that easy.  I love the flavor and especially when they are in an item like pancakes, muffins etc. I guess what always turns me off to fresh blueberries is the texture. They often seem too mushy. I like things crisp... so unless blueberries are perfect and so fresh that they still have that bite to 'em, I usually turn them down.

So instead of complaining about the nasty texture--- and not eating them, my very simple solution is to FREEZE them.  I load up when the fresh ones are on sale in the summer.... wash and bag them-- and for the next few months I have fresh-frozen blueberries anytime I want. Now I can say that I LOVE blueberries.
I love them in my morning cereal (whether cold, oatmeal, cream of wheat). In cold cereal I love that they start to freeze the milk and make a little slush.  This way I get my 'Fruit-in' for the meal and get the added flavor and nutrients from blueberries.  They are also great to grab a few to snack on when I get home from a long day while I am preparing dinner. No mush and very refreshing. So go grab some blueberries today!

Here are a few highlights about the nutritional benefits of Blueberries.  
-Rich in Vitamin C (your Antioxidant powerhouse that may help in preventing cancer-causing cell damage) 
-Very high in fiber (about 4 grams in just one cup) 
-Low in calories (only about 80 calories in one cup)
- NO fat or cholesterol 
-Also packed with Manganese and Vitamin K 


  1. Oh my goodness. I too am not a big fan of fresh blueberries. How funny is that? PS. Your blog is way better than mine. Hope all is well.

  2. I just had a blueberry/pomegranate smoothie for breakfast this morning! Yum! I generally do the frozen blueberry thing too, though I do enjoy the fresh ones as well!

  3. Dev... Your blog is fabulous as well. Love getting quick, delish recipe ideas from you!