100 Calorie Candy

It's October or shall we call it Candytober... (ok so that didn't really make sense. haha) But if there is any one thing that comes to mind when I think of October, it is Halloween Candy.  It is everywhere. So educate yourself how many calories really are in a bite or two of your fave candy.  

Here's a portion-control guide of some of the most common Halloween candies.  
100 Calories really doesn't go very far does it?!  **

5 Starbursts

13 1/3 pieces Brachs Candy Corn

8 Dots

28 M&Ms

60 Smarties

2 Twix minis

3 Milky Way Midnight minis

1 1/4 fun size Snickers

4 mini Musketeers 

4 1/2 Tootsie Roll midgees

Trust me everyone--- this is one of my HUGE weaknesses.  I loveLOVElove soft sugary candies. Candy corn, tootsie rolls, starbursts....  it always more than a measly 4 1/2 tootsie rolls or 13 candy corns.  So I am working on this too.  Remember this is the start of the holiday goodie season.  Let's not start packing on the pounds this early.  If I can limit myself I know you can as well.  :)

**Info taken from Women's Health Magazine October 2009 article '100-Calorie Halloween'

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