Grilled Veggies!

I look around--- and for miles and miles there is nothing but corn fields (mixed with other stuff- but mostly corn). The farmers are just beginning to start their crops but just seeing them out in their fields gets me excited for the corn, corn, and more corn that will be here before we know it.
With that introduction you can probably guess that my favorite grilled veggie is Corn on the Cob. I plan on having it multiple times this summer... and fall.  I like the simple version. Soak corn in water for 30 minutes. Pull back husks, clean off the silk and then rewrap corn in husks. Grill corn in the husk for 15-20 minutes.  You can also add spices to the corn like chili powder, oregano, garlic powder, or cayenne pepper to name a few.... but like I said plain jane is fine for me. That way I can soak up the sweetness of the delicious Iowa corn.

-Kabobs - Cut up squashes, peppers, onions and mushrooms into equal-sized pieces. Place on a skewer, brush with fresh fruit juice and grill away. Click here for an 'Orange Vegetable Kabob' Recipe.

-Lettuce - Cut the hearts of romaine in quarters lengthwise, brush the cut side with a little olive oil. Season with salt and grill over medium heat til you have great grill marks.

-Tomatoes - Cut  your tomatoes in half crosswise, brush with olive oil and your favorite spices. Wrap them up in foil and grill sliced side up for 5-6 minutes.

What do you like to grill?

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  1. I loved grilled veggies! I tried romaine last summer - it gets a nice smoky flavor. Corn is my favorite too.