Cold Cereal.... Good or Bad?

Check out some statistics on cold cereal from Cereal Facts
  • The average preschooler sees 642 cereal ads per year just on television, almost all for cereals with the worst nutrition ratings.
  • Compared to cereals marketed to adults, those marketed to children have 85% more sugar, 65% less fiber, and 60% more sodium.
  • Cereal companies together spend more than $156 million per year marketing to children.
When searching the cereal aisle for the best choices...... I like to look for..... 
1. Cereals with single-digit sugar content. Stick to fewer than 8 grams per serving.
2. A short list of ingredients. Less than 10 listed ingredients is a start.... and work to find cereals with the least amount of ingredients.  If the first ingredient that includes 'Whole Wheat.'
3. Fiber. The higher the better.
4. Don't be tricked by the advertising on the front.{like contains __ grams of whole grains}
5. Calorie amounts (if you are concerned about weight gain).  Some of the most healthy appearing cereals are loaded with calories.

Click here for the TOP 10 Cereals by *Nutrition Score.  Or click here for detailed list of cereals and their nutrition scores.  

Click here for the BOTTOM 10 Cereals by *Nutrition Score.

**based on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is the poorest and 100 is the best. Click here to read how the came up with these nutrition scores. 

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