Back on Track after Overeating.

We have all done it before..... had that day, weekend, or even week of over-eating.  
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This past weekend was one of those for me.. It seemed like everywhere I turned there were goodies and treats that I didn't have the will power to turn down. Come Monday did I panic because I had a number of rich chocolate chip cookies, a huge bowl of ice cream, and caramel popcorn on top of my usual calories? Nope... I just put it on the back burner and got back on track.
Here are a ideas of how you can combat your feelings of guilt when you have bitten off a bit more than you should have been chewing.
- Don't get down on yourself.  Today is a new day.... Today you can get back on the wagon.... Today you don't have to overeat. Feel good about what you are going to do today!  
-Know the truth about the numbers.... although you may feel like you gained a pound or two from that day's binge, the truth really is behind the numbers. Remember it takes 3,500 extra calories eaten to gain 1 pound of fat.  That is a lot of chocolate chip cookies.... 25 home prepared cookies to be exact. So wipe the board clean and realize that it wasn't as bad as you felt like it was. 
Overall consistency is the key.  Don't feel like you have to have a drastic cut in calories the next day. Go back to your normal amount of calories and you should be good to go. (remember my 90-10 RULE?.... we are all human and will splurge on occasion!) 
-Eat a balanced diet. Avoiding breakfast will only backfire on you when you are so hungry that you overeat later in the day. 
-Drink lots and lots of WATER! Strive for at least 8 cups over the day. Water will help get rid of any excess sodium that causes water retention. 
-Put a little more zip in your step during your exercise program or while you at work. Stay on the elliptical or an extra 10-15 minutes..... use the stairs when you usually use the elevator.... take a walk during your lunch hour.  Do whatever it is to burn an extra 100-200 calories. 

The key is to STAY POSITIVE.. Just because you had one day or a couple of off-days doesn't mean you now have the right to give up on your healthy eating plan-   Forgive yourself and move on!  


  1. I agree...don't dwell on it, just strive for tomorrow to be better!

    I am really trying to get in my 8 glasses of water a day, but it's hard for me!

  2. Your weekly recipes look amazing. Is that really what you are making each week? I need to come over more often if that is the case!

  3. I usually stick pretty close to the recipes that I post. If I get busy one night things may change slightly but yep!! and yes you and Abe are more than welcome to come on over anytime...