Kids + Fruits & Veggies.

The 3 kids I babysit for turn their noses up to all things fruits and veggies..... most of the time I am pretty sure they haven't ever tried the food..... or if they have only once. 
I still don't think that the oldest will go for this but the younger two will love to be Secret Agents--- trying to discover all about the 'new' fruit or veggie.  
Here is the 'Secret Agent Worksheet' that can be printed out or downloaded for the kids to fill out.
I would like to do this with both some common fruits as well as some very unusual ones. A few fruits and veggies I think I am going to introduce are (if I am able to find them here in Iowa City):
-Star fruit
-Chayote Squash
-Ugli Fruit
This idea goes great with these other ideas to get involved making healthy food choices.

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  1. Oh I love this! I have a very resistant eater on my hands, despite my putting all kinds of foods in front of him all the time. Definitely going to give this a try!