Have a Seat.

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Do you find yourself chowing down while walking around or standing up?  
If so you may not be aware of what you are shoving down your mouth......  hundreds of extra mindless calories.  A University of Toronto Mississauga study 
found that people who sat down while eating consumed about 30% fewer calories at their next meal than those who ate on their feet.  

The study's author, Patricia Pliner, Ph.D., psychology researcher and professor believes this occurs because of the way we've been trained to perceive and respond to mealtime. "Treating food like a meal, even if it's a snack, tells your brain that you don't need to eat for a while.  Don't eat on the run", she says "It won't feel like a meal, and you may subconsciously grant yourself permission to eat more later."
So next time you go and grab a snack..... make it a rule to sit while eating. This way you will eliminate a lot of those mindless calories that you get from grazing and picking at foods all day. 

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