Trick to Peeling Kiwis

I don't know about you but before I learned this cool little trick on how to cut and peel kiwis....... half the kiwi would go to waste as I tried to peel the thing.
If you have the same problem, try this little trick out.
It makes it so easy.... and you end up with a whole kiwi.... Absolutely no waste at all.
1. Cut the two ends off the kiwi.
2.  Take a spoon and slide under the skin so the curve of the spoon matches the curve of the kiwi.
3. Slide the spoon around the kiwi to separate the fruit away from the skin.
(you have to be careful to not dig into the flesh of the kiwi.)
4. Go all the way around the fruit, and the kiwi should easily slip right out....
SKIN FREE and all in ONE PIECE. 

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