Food Spotlight. Miracle Noodle®

A noodle with ZERO calories, ZERO fat and less than one gram of carbs per serving? Just rinse and eat? 
Am I being Serious?
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Yep.... It really is true..... so what are these
Shirataki Noodles? 
Turns out that the “miracle noodle”, aka Shirataki, has been around in Asia for quite awhile.  These noodles are thinner than your regular wheat noodle. They are made from the tubers of an Asian plant called a konjac plant. The tubers are dried and ground to make flour which is then used to make noodles. In addition to having almost no calories or carbohydrates, shirataki noodles contain a type of soluble fiber called glucomannan. This fiber swells up and is believed to promote a sense of fullness and keep food in the stomach longer (good for keeping blood sugars down... thus great for diabetics.)

Shirataki noodles are packaged "wet", that is, you purchase them pre-packaged in liquid, and they are ready-to-eat out of the package. You can prepare them by boiling them briefly or running them under hot water.  Combine the noodles with other flavors...... Veggies, Sauces, in soups etc.  Really the possibilities are endless. 
Wondering where you can buy these "miracle noodles." They can be purchased online. (just google Miracle Noodles) or they can be purchased at several Asian food stores and natural food stores. They are becoming more popular and are starting to pop up at your regular grocers.
Some of these are Ralphs, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Sunset Foods and New Seasons Market.
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  1. I tried those a while back, but was kind of on the fence about them. I was hoping they would taste more like real pasta. I didn't like them with pasta sauce, but thought they were better in stir fry's.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. They def. take some getting used to.I agree with liking them in stir-frys and salads more than just with regular sauce.

  3. No protein! Thank you! I am definitely going to be ordering some of these for my boys to be able to eat!

    1. yes i too have a great experience with Miracle Noodle.