Emotional Eating. (guest blogger)

Today we have a thought from a Guest Blogger, my good friend, and fellow Dietitian Erica Pehrson Hart RD, CD. She currently works for Intermountain Health Care as an outpatient dietitian (teaching classes, one-on-one counseling etc.) She has a great way of relating things to real-life events.  I love her thoughts about Emotional Eating.  

Scenario: You wake up after only 4 hours of sleep and have a million things to do. Things are stressful and nothing seems to be going right.  After putting the kids to bed you walk into the kitchen searching for the closest thing you can find to make you feel better.  You dig into a bag of chocolate and feel great for about 10 minutes until you realize that half of the bag has been eaten.  About 10 minutes later you might feel guilty and you realize that the chocolate did not solve your problems.

We have in our bodies what I like to call Tank "A" and Tank "B".  
Tank "A" is our stomach. 
Tank "B" is our heart.  

These two organs in our bodies have COMPLETELY different functions.  One is used for food and energy. The other is used for our emotions (love, stress, boredom, loneliness, happiness).

*No matter how much we try to fill Tank "A", we can't fill Tank "B".  So next time you think about using food to cope with your emotions, think TWICE!*
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