Eating Healthy at a Superbowl Party.

The Superbowl is tomorrow...... so if you are going to a party (whether to actually watch the game or just the commercials) be aware of your food choices. These parties aren't really known for their healthy eating and are usually one of the biggest calorie fests of the year. 
So here are a few tips on how you can make healthful choices. 
1. Don't go to the party famished... eat just a little something healthy before you head out. A fruit, a salad... just something so you don't go and grab everything that is in site. 
2. If you are in charge of bring something, be sure to bring something healthy. That way you will know there will be at least 1 item that you can indulge in without indulging in too many calories. Click here for some great recipes from Eating Well magazine. (or just do a google search for Healthy Superbowl recipes. There are so many out there). 
3. Control your portions.....  Don't sit right by the food table and don't keep the food out the whole time. Clear some of it away so it isn't within arm reach.  This will prevent you from mindless eating.  
It is okay to indulge (a little). If you have healthy eating habits most of the time, one day if you have a few indulgent items.... this won't compromise your health. The problem is when you eat like that every day.  Remember my 90-10 Rule?
4. If you do decide to sample some of the goodies--- don't go out of control!  Have a couple unhealthy options, enjoy them, and then move onto the more healthy choices. By balancing your unhealthy foods with healthy options you won't completely destroy your diet. 
5. Don't drink away your calories!  Have water be your beverage of choice. Soda, Alcohol, and Juices are packed with empty calories.  Rethink your Drink.

Foods to Avoid:  fried wings, cheesy-fatty dips, chips, pizza, sweets, anything slathered with sauces.

Foods to Indulge In(that are nutrient dense): salsa, raw veggies, shrimp, lean meats, fruits, nuts, hummus.

Enjoy the game and let's all walk away from the event without feeling like you blew your diet plan.

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