Dress for Success....

On mornings where you don't feel like going to the gym or exercising at home......  
Change into your Exercise Clothes.
Odds are that once you are dressed for working out, you may change your mind and more likely get out there exercising.  

There was a not-so-scientific survey done by Zobha Yoga and Fitness Apparel regarding this topic. (I agree with it... so I thought it was worth mentioning).
Zobha looked at women's views on exercise regimes and fitness fashion.Their survey found that wearing exercise gear can actually inspire and motivate women to achieve their goal: exercise.
*They found that 75% of women are more likely to workout if they're wearing exercise clothes.
So what I like to do is get my workout clothes ready the night before and I put them where I will be sure to see them first thing when I wake up the next morning.  When I see them it reminds me to change into them then and there..... and on most days it gets me to the gym. 

Study info taken from http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/general-business-latest-news/spring-shape-up-no-more-excuses-65655292.html

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  1. I too feel like not getting up in morning for exercise. Decided to change my work out gear. Really glad with the new ones as it helped and motivated me for my regular gym training. Very happy as they are very comfy and flexible when worn.