Perfectly Portioned Pasta.

When I saw this cool gadget in a magazine, I instantly wanted it.  When it comes to measuring spaghetti noodles in their correct portion size, I am the worst. I always seem to make way more than needed-- so I either end up eating the extra or letting it go to waste.
Now with this tool I will never accidentally cook-- and EAT--- more than I should.

It works by setting the devices camera-like aperature for the number of 2-ounce portions you want (that would be about 1 cup cooked.) You then place the dry pasta in the opening. You'll get the perfect portion every time. 
You can get this device at www.josephjoseph.com They have 4 different colors to choose from.

There are other devices that work in similar matter. 
This one if from Typhoon.

This one is from Danesco.

Here is another option, from Zach.

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