One Ingredient Ice Cream.....

When I first saw this post title on another blog, I was so intrigued that I couldn't resist Not clicking on it....  1 Ingredient Ice Cream. Awesome.    
and to think that it is 
Dairy Free.
Fat Free.
With No added Sugars or Preservatives. 
So what is the 1 Magic Ingredient..... 

We usually go through bananas quite quickly so there isn't really ever a surplus lying around.... so when my Local grocery store had them on sale for .17 cents a pound I loaded up with 3 large bunches with the intention of freezing a good majority of them.... I was so glad I did cause that is when I  ran into this post about the banana Ice Cream.  
I was a bit skeptical at first.... thinking that it couldn't be anything like ice cream.  
I tried it..... 
and can testify on my own that it really tastes like Ice Cream.  

I used my trusty magic bullet and it worked like a charm. I used about 2 medium sized bananas. The frozen banana would get stuck on the sides so I had to scrape them down a few times and repulse. It really is like the texture of ice cream.

It's creamy, cold, and delicious.... (that is if you like bananas).
 Click here or here for a detailed account of the recipe, greats pictures and tutorials on the how to... 
Others  recommend adding in cinnamon, chocolate, honey, and other sweets. I liked it all on it's own.  

** One more thing I wanted to point out.....  Although this 'ice cream' is fat free-dairy free-with no added sugars.......... you still need to remember that bananas have quite a few calories.  A medium banana (7" long has about ~100 calories.  So for the small bowl that my 2 bananas made, it still had about 200 calories.  Def. not the best low calorie treat.  
Let me know if you try it out! I would love to hear if you like it.... I know I will probably make it a time or two again. 

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