Magic Bullet = Fruit Smoothies

I love my Magic Bullet.

 I got it way back in 2004-straight from the infomercial. This was before they were offered in your local Walmart or Target. Probably the greatest Infomercial product ever. It started with me in Logan,Utah, flew cross-country with me to Boston, and then headed to the mid-west with me to endure the cold of Iowa.

 I am sure many of you own.... or at least have seen the magic bullet. For those of you who have been living under a bush for the last 5 years, let me explain just what the Magic Bullet is. The 'Bullet' consists of a base with various different sizes of plastic cups and screw on blades that go on the cups. Load the ingredients into any of the cups. Twist on the Blade until the blade and cup have a tight seal. Flip the cup upside down, and lock it into the blender base; Then abracadabra, the Bullet blends away! It's fabulous.

I have used mine so much that I don't think that it is going to make it on to the next journey of my life. The Cross blade has been used so much that it has wore down the bottom and no longer blends. I have a feeling from the odor the motor spits out, it too is about to give up on me . Sad sad day.
In memory of my Magic Bullet I want to share with you what it was that has caused this.
Fruit Smoothies. 
Yes it's been used for making salad dressings and chopping nuts, but I would say 80% of it's use has come from making Fruit Smoothies. The magic bullet makes it so easy, with virtually no mess to clean up.

Here is my basic how-to on creating easy, healthy, and delicious fruit smoothies.
1.Grab one of the nifty cups.
2. Fill the cup 1/2 way up with frozen fruit (I love using mixed berries and peaches).
3. Add a small banana (or half of a large one) this is a great way to use your extra ripe, darkened bananas. (Bananas thicken it up and give it a good texture).
If I have other fruits laying around I often throw them in.
For even more nutrients you can be brave and throw in some mixed greens of spinach. It doesn't add too much taste.
4. Top it off with some nonfat yogurt (1/4 cup or so)--- or a splash of milk.  I usually use vanilla (but other flavors are just as good).
5. Screw the blade to the base, insert onto stand, and mix away.
6. You may need to take the cup out of the base after about 20 seconds, shake it to redistribute the ingredients, then put it back on and blend for another 20 seconds or so.

  No ice. No ice cream. No additional sugar. Basically fruit and yogurt.  So easy and so quick.
*if you don't have any frozen fruit, but do have fresh....  you may need to add some ice for best results.

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