Love Yourself

One of my personal goals this year is to
Love Everything About Myself....Flaws and All. 
As women I feel like we have so many unrealistic expectations of what we should look like, how much we should weigh, how our hair should be styled, and what we should be wearing. We are constantly surrounded by ads of 'pretty' women. But are these 'pretty' women really any prettier than we are when they are in their natural form.  I love the following clip done by Dove on what really goes on behind the scenes to create this artificial beauty. 

Not even this model was pretty enough for billboard.....They had to photoshop like crazy to get her pretty enough for the billboard. So next time you are comparing yourself to the women in magazines and billboards, remember this.
So although I may not always love my nose, or I think that my hair is to thin, or my hips are too big..... I am going to be proud of who I am..... Because we are all beautiful.

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