Increasing Your Metabolism.

I always hear people complain that they are fat or overweight because their metabolism is so slow.

What is metabolism: Most simply, the rate at which your body burns the calories from the food we eat.
It then converts it into the energy our bodies need to function. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you'll burn.

Here are things that can do to increase your metabolism--- which will burn more calories--- which leads to weight loss.  Here's how.
1. Do not Skip Breakfast: Skipping Breakfast leads to intense hunger, making it difficult to make wise choices. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism, and you start burning calories earlier in the day.
2. Drink Water: Water is the body's most important nutrient. If the body is lacking in water it will slow the metabolic rate. The liver will begin to retain water rather than burn fat.
3. Replace fat with muscle: Tone UP! Muscle burns more calories than fat. We are able to maintain our weight more easily if we replace fat with muscles.
4. Age: It's a fact, as we age our metabolic rate slows down. It is a natural part of the aging process. It may have something to do with the fact that as we age our muscles begin to transform into fat.
5. Don't skip meals: Denying the body of these essential elements throws the system into survival mode, slowing metabolism and encouraging the storage of energy in the form of fat.

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