Eat Slow = Eat Less

It is something I have done my whole life.....
Just ask my husband. My plate is wiped clean, while he still has half a plate of food left.  He hates it.... so one of my New Year's Resolutions is to SLOW DOWN while eating. 
This won't only please my husband, but it will be good for my health.

Check out this study that shows how Eating Slowly translates into Eating Less.

Some of their findings were: 

•When eating quickly, the women consumed 646 calories in about nine minutes.
•When eating more slowly, they had an average of 579 calories in about 29 minutes.
"They ate 67 calories more in nine minutes than they did in 29 minutes," says lead researcher Kathleen Melanson, director of the university's Energy Metabolism Laboratory. "If you add that up over three meals a day, that's a big difference in calories."
Upon completion of the meal and an hour afterward, the women were less satisfied and hungrier when eating quickly compared with when they ate slowly, she says. They said they enjoyed the meal more when they were taking their time.

click here for other benefits of eating slowly.

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  1. I think its genetic Marci, I also eat way too fast, although I think having to also feed Henry during meals has made it so I eat quite a bit slower. Hope you and Adam are doing well and not freezing back there. It was fun hanging out with you guys while you were here, sorry I wasn't able to hang out more. Love you guys