the winter blahs of EXERCISING.

I know when it starts to get cold outside, I tend to want to stay home, cuddle up in blankets on my couch, drinking hot chocolate, while watching a movie...... but then I think about the common pounds of winter-holiday weight gain that seem to accompany these months, and I don't want to be a part of that.   So here are a few ideas on how you can keep your exercise regimen going and your shape trim these next few months.

1. The most common answer for the winter months is to go to the gym.....  which I encourage and is great, but for many, the gym isn't a feasible option so instead
2. Make your home, your gym: Designate an area and a time every day that you will do your exercises.  There are so many great exercises that you can do at home.
-It may be as simple as jumping jacks. Make a goal to get up to 100 straight jumping jacks as a warmup.  
-Jump rope.... Check out my previous post on why I love the jump rope and how easy it can be..
-Exercise DVDs.... give them a try. What I like to do is put the Workout DVD into my laptop, having it playing next to my TV, while I am watching my favorite TV shows. That way I am doing double duty.  Watching TV and exercising all at once.  I don't feel guilty sitting on the couch being a couch potato, and the workouts seem so much easier and go by so much quicker because my mind is on the TV show... not my exercising.  click here for a few of my fave Workout videos.
-If you have stairs in your house... take advantage of them. I don't have any stairs at my apartment now but where I nanny they have two flights of stairs and I make it a point to go up and down them as much as possible.
-Use exercise equipment like hand weights (or large cans of food if you dont have your own hand weights), stretch bands, weighted balls etc.
3. If you like to swim, find an indoor pool to keep your routine going.
4. When it snows, take advantage of all the calories that you can burn from either playing in the snow.... or shoveling the sidewalks, driveways etc.  This may not be the most fun of ideas but calories burned are calories burned no matter how it is done.  So get out shoveling after the next big storm.  Trust me you will get your workout in.
5. There are lots of Video games now that encourage physical activity. Wii Fit, Dance, Dance Revolution are just a few. Try one out.
6. Enjoy outdoor winter activities; Snowboarding, snowskiing, cross country skiing, sledding...... dont be afraid to bundle up and get out there and try a new activity this winter.

SO NO HIBERNATING THIS WINTER.....   Get active and Stay active. 

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