Kids & Grocery Shopping.

One of my awesome former classmates at Simmons College in Boston, Jennifer Shea, MS, MPH, RD is now a Corporate Dietitian for a chain of Grocery Stores. She is so fabulous and does a great job at what she does.  I stumbled across on of her articles, Shopping With Kids and thought it had some fun and creative tips on how to get your kids excited about eating healthy.  So I am going to pass the info onto all you moms out there.... I know it can be quite the challenge and it is often easier to leave kids at home when you are out shopping. But if you can make it fun for kids by letting them take part in the decision making of foods... they may be more likely to eat and like the foods later.

I love the tips Jenny gives here to add challenge into the shopping trip. Try out these ideas in the following aisles:
•Produce – Taste the rainbow. Have the child pick out a fruit AND vegetable in a different color each week and encourage him/her to take at least a few bites of the chosen foods. Children need multiple exposures to a new food before they develop a liking for it, so don’t be discouraged if the child dislikes the food upon first taste.  TRY, TRY, and TRY again.
•Cereal aisle – Spot the golden grains. Have the child seek out a cereal that lists a whole grain as the first ingredient. Examples of words to look for on the ingredient list: whole wheat, whole corn, brown rice, oats, oatmeal, wheatberries, cracked wheat, bulgur cracked wheat. 
•Bread aisle – Go for 100%. Have the child seek out bread that includes the words 100% Whole Wheat in the product name. What if he/she will not go anywhere near breads that are brown in color? Look for the Whole Grain white breads that are white in color but are made with whole grains. 
•Beverage aisle – Go with water as a number one choice. Water comes in a variety of fun bottle shapes for kids to choose from. Or go with 100% fruit juice or 100% fruit juice with added sparkling water. Avoid juices that contain added sugars. Juices are often mistaken as healthy... when instead they are packed with sugars and empty calories. 

Happy Shopping.

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