How Much Sugar??

I am a visual learner... I see things visually and seem to remember them so much better that way.  So when trying to figure out how much sugar I am eating I like to use this little trick.

Think of Sugar grams in regards to Sugar cubes.
One Sugar Cube = just over 4 grams of sugar.  

Would you eat 10 sugar cubes??? Well that's what just 40 grams of sugar is (that is about how much sugar is in just a 12 oz. can of coke.)
So what I like to do is look at the label and see how many grams of sugar the food contains--- I then divide it by 4 to get the number of sugar cubes it would be. I immediately realize much sugar I am actually eating.  Please check out all theses awesome pics at www.Sugarstacks.com.  They have so so so many pics of every day foods(treats, beverages, breakfast foods, smoothies, fruits, and more) and their sugar content.
Here are a few examples.

 Coca Cola
 -12 oz (355 ml) Can
 Sugars, total: 39g
 Calories, total: 140

 -20 oz (590 ml) Bottle
 Sugars, total: 65g
 Calories, total: 240

 -1 Liter (34 oz) Bottle
 Sugars, total: 108g
 Calories, total: 400

Yoplait Yogurt, Strawberry
 6 oz Container
 Sugars, total: 27g
 Calories, total: 170

 1 bag (2.6 oz)
 Sugars, total: 47g
 Calories, total: 250

Häagen-Dazs Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla
 1 serving (1/2 cup/106g)
 Sugars, total: 22g
 Calories, total: 200

 1 pint (424g)
 Sugars, total: 88g
 Calories, total: 800

Baby Carrots 
 1 serving (8 carrots/85g)
 Sugars, total: 4g
 Calories, total: 30

 Jamba Juice Sunrise Banana Berry
 16 oz drink
 Sugars, total: 59g
 Calories, total: 280

McDonald's Oreo McFlurry
 12 oz cup
 Sugars, total: 73g
 Calories, total: 550

 hope these have helped you visualize how much sugar you are actually eating from day to day. Thanks again to www.sugarstacks.com.  I know it makes me think twice about shoving such goodies in my mouth when I really think about it.  Trust me sometimes it works for me and sometimes I go right on ahead and consume.  Remember Moderation in All Things.


  1. Hi Marci! I am so glad to see your blog! I have been wanting to ask for you ideas on healthy food choices but was afraid to be a bother. I definitely look forward to perusing your ideas. I try to make homemade meals but even then it seems all of my recipes are full of butter and fat. Would love some healthy, yummy alternatives.

  2. I would just like to say your Jamba sugar cube display is way off! You are comparing sugar cubes to fructose. Yes there is sugar in the Banana Berry but most of it comes from natural forms of fructose which process much differently in your body and don't spike your blood sugar levels as high. Try looking at their All Fruit Smoothies and compare it correctly. For more information on sugar go to sugarblend.com or fruitthin.com. Yes, Jamba is a healthy choice. Just wanted to update you a year later.