The Biggest Loser.... Before & After

Did you check out the Season Finale of the Biggest Loser 2009?  I can't say that I have been a dedicated follower this entire season but I would catch an episode here and there and it continues to amaze me how hard these individuals work day after day.  They can be a motivation for each of us.  They did it.... now you can do it.... whether 5 lbs. or 100 lbs.  It really is your decision to make a change and do whatever it takes to change your life and reach your goal.

First CONGRATS to Danny for being the winner of the Biggest Loser. Doesn't he look amazing (as do all of them).... and I think what is more important is that now he has a life... a life to live with his family. He lost 55.58% of his starting weight... A total of 239#s.

Second CONGRATS to Rebecca for being the biggest loser AT-HOME winner.  Look at her rockin' body now... 139#s lost.... Awesome.

What I most love is that they all seem so so so happy.
I'm also so excited that Shay(the biggest contestant ever on the Biggest Loser) gets to continue her weight loss journey throughout next season.  Can you imagine getting $1,000 for every pound lost.  I think her current weight is 304#d.... my prediction is that she will be down to 175-180#s at the next weight in.  That would be over $120,000.  Not too shabby.  I guess we will see if she continues to add to her already impressive weight loss.

Click here for all the before and after pics of all the  contestants.
Let's all take the example of these amazing individuals and conquer our weight loss/getting healthy goals.


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