new Tradition.

Over the past few years my family has held an annual Turkey Trot (5K Run/Walk) on Thanksgiving morning for my immediate and extended family as well as any friends that want to join in. It's not only a fun event to get together and have a little competition with friends and family, but it burns a few calories prior to your Thanksgiving feast. (remember the average Thanksgiving dinner is around 3,000 calories-- so any calories burned are bonus)  

So if you aren't currently involved in a Thanksgiving morning activity, START A NEW TRADITION.  YOU can be the one in your family or group of friends to start it all. So get organizing..... whether a Turkey Trot or a Turkey Bowl (football game), do something to get everyone out moving!  It does not need to be anything serious... everyone can walk... so don't let your family tell you they can't take part.  Our turkey trot consists of old, young, fast and slow......  you don't have to be an experienced runner.   

So let's all GET ACTIVE this Thanksgiving! 

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