Late Night Eating Debate.

One topic of debate that I often find myself in when talking to friends, family, or giving presentations is....
"Will Eating Late at Night Cause me to Gain Weight?" 
Their argument is that you aren't moving around and exercising off those calories at night so they will turn into fat.    BUT I AM HERE TO SAY THAT............

Your body doesn’t know what time it is. It doesn't matter what time the food was consumed, but more importantly how much food was consumed throughout the entire day (week, month, or year).   

So whether it is  8 am or 8 pm, your food is going to have the same amount of calories and total calories is what leads to weight loss or weight gain.  For example the apple you just ate isn't suddenly going to have 250 calories instead of 100 calories just because you ate it at 9 pm instead of 9 am.  What matters is the TOTAL amount of Calories (food and beverages) that you have over time.... say a week, a month, a year etc.  Eating additional calories (whether you eat them in the early hours of the day or late at night) will turn into extra fat over time. 

But remember: 
Although the calories you are eating at night aren't adding up more than your other calories, I still highly encourage you to limit your late-night eating because if you aren't eating at night your total daily caloric intake is most likely going to be less- which means less calories added up over time, which means less weight gain- or maybe even weight los. Plus I know when I start snacking after dinner and into the night, it is usually the higher caloric- less nutritious food like ice cream, cookies, or whatever else I can find lying around the house.  

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