Keeping the numbers down!

So I was reading in Fitness magazine the other day... when I came upon some very interesting and eye catching stats. Not quite sure where they got all the info but interesting all the same.... and too be honest I don't doubt what they are claiming.  I have seen what I eat on some Thanksgiving.... and I know some people eat more than me!

3,000 Number of Calories in the average Thanksgiving Dinner. (that's almost gaining one pound just for that meal - - 3,500 calories = 1 pound gained)

4.7 Number of hours you'd have to jog to burn them off. That's a long long long time to be running....

8 Pounds the average American gains in a decade just from pigging out every November and December.

So let's not be part of the statistics.... and do what it takes to get healthy! 

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  1. Um, I love this blog. So glad you have created it--I look forward to your tips!