Jump away the Calories.

I am sure many of you haven't picked up a jump rope since you were in elementary school. It wasn't til a couple years ago when I realized that jumping rope was more than  singing jump rope rhymes with my little friends at school.  I can now say that the jump rope can be a very intense, high calorie burning, cheap, and fun exercise.  I think that it gets overlooked by most people.... but I am here to say that it works!  Whenever I jump rope, I end up sweating buckets and feel so much stronger afterwards.

Why Jump Rope? 
1. Easy..... All skill levels can take part in this. There are so many ways to do it---- you can start as simple and intense as you want....  Remember to push yourself though.
2. Portable..... all you need is a rope. It is a great exercise to bring along when you are traveling and want a quick workout on the road.
3. Fun..... At first it may not seem fun, but once you get used to it you soon will find it addicting and fun.
4. Cheap.....  No need for a gym pass. All you need is a rope, which you can get a decent one for as little as $5-$15 for a good quality one.
5. It's a total body workout and burns a ton of calories.  Every part of my body is burning when I am finished.. my arms, my calves, my stomach.... pretty much everything is getting a workout in........ Plus jump roping has been found to burn up to 1,000 calories a hour.  That's a lot.

My Jump Rope workout.... I like to do it as part of my regular workout...
*I do this 3 times.
- 50 regular two leg jumps.
- 50 right leg only jumps.
- 50 left leg only jumps.
- 50 more regular two leg jumps.
I try to do these as continuously as I can.   It may take some practice to get it without mistakes, just do your best!

SO GET JUMPING.... and the pounds will literally jump off you.

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