Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

A very interesting study entitled, “What you eat depends on whom you eat”, published in the online international journal, ‘Appetite’ found that what a person chooses to eat at lunch or dinner is influenced by who they eat with and the gender make-up of the group.
By observing students in naturalistic settings in three large university cafeterias with a wide choice of food options and dining companions, Young found that women who ate with a male companion chose foods of significantly lower caloric value than did women who were observed eating with another woman.

What's more, when women ate in mixed-gender groups their food choices were at the lower end of the caloric scale; the more men in the group the fewer the calories. When women ate in all-female groups, their food was significantly higher in calories.
"Eating is a social activity," says Young. "In university cafeterias people select their food before they are seated and perhaps before they know with whom they will eat. Given the observed differences it seems likely that social groupings were anticipated at the time of food selection."

I think back to my single years and all the dinner dates and group dinners. I would agree that I made more healthful choices if men were present.  But I think it also goes to a further level. I not only chose healthier choices when with guys, but if I was eating with friends that were more health conscious I was more health conscious. So my message of the day....  Birds of a Feather really do Flock Together. When my friends are eating ice cream I am usually eating ice cream… or if my friends are stuffing their faces with other sweets and goodies I tend to be stuffing my face with sweets and goodies.  The fact is that your friends and family are a huge influence on how and what you eat.  I think back to all my years at college living with different roommates I now realize that I ate healthier when living with others that were concerned about their health. The times when I gained a few pounds were times that I lived with roommates that had cookies, candies, ice cream a bit more often.  

So moral of the story; Eat with MEN  or surround yourself with friends and family that you want to be like (health and weight) wise.  More likely you will develop some of their  healthy eating habits!   


  1. I agree with this article, but I depart from these observations. Americans are living within the fog of conquest and the deep sense of being isolated, and chosen by God to rule is still the core American value supported by a sense of superiority. Around food Americans have become, typical, dismissive of the indigenous people's relationship with food. Because Americans engage food and eat food from a distant and lofty place they don't know the smell and feel of dirt.

    Our culture has limited respect for food, and animals. It is corraled by Science and the fear of death and diseases. Understanding food is an intellectual exercise and an emotional appeal directs the population towards the science of eating. The spirit of plants, animals, the Earth herself are not part of the eating experience, and to go further into our dysfunction: Food is not sold outdoors!

    I lived in Africa and I always tell people planning to visit any country there to visit the marketplace first. The pulse, the central force of the village is in the market. Women run the marketplace. This is the visual American Christians need to see when reading the last chapter of the Book of Proverbs from the 10th verse ‘til the 31st . The colors, the buzzing of flies, children's voices, bartering, laughter, the men squatting on the ground in conversations, the fish carried by boys from the river to their parent's stand is the flavor of the food. The art of bartering for a good price with its insults, play, and engagement is the spice of the meals cooked and served later in the day. Everyday the market is open the sun touches food and body; the wind carries the scents of fires, and babies, and fruit, and palm wine. Cattle off in the distance and the accents of people greeting each other, or laying offerings upon the local altars are playing, and merging with the food.

    This is the stuff of food; of eating Americans know nothing about, and sadly, feel superior to. Without engaging the whole of life into a meal it is just an act, the conversations about food are just science. There is no deep appreciative prayer around food that connects to or understands the process of sustaining life in a sacred manner. Thanksgiving and recieving food in a ceremonial fashion is unheard of, and hence, not practiced. Sacred language does not live around our food and thanksgiving songs do not receive food to the plate. Because the ceremonies from planting to harvest, from the hunt to the kill, from preparation to cooking, from gathering people to the table to savoring, and eating the spirit of food is not a part of the American lexicon sickness enjoys its place at our tables, sickness remains in its marriage to the American body and belief-system. So sickness and fear of sickness prevail, and the conversations around and about food, more often than not, are eaten without our Mother, the Earth present. Without her, without the sacred, without relationship and without understanding the nature of healing the contradictions of arrogance season what we eat! These are my words. I am the Keeper of Stories, and my name is Gregory E. Woods (Dawn Wolf).

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