Waffle Makeover...

I love Waffles… I would say a good ~75% of the time I go out for breakfast I end up getting a waffle…. Sometimes they are lathered with creams, butters, sauces, and other high calorie toppings. The waffle to the left is a little extreme .... But there are ways to still enjoy your waffle and keep the flavor without all the empty and sugar loaded calories.
---Instead of whip cream opt for flavored nonfat yogurt…. (even my husband is converted to using nonfat strawberry yogurt.)
---Add fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, and raspberries, or if you don’t have any fresh fruit try canned fruits like peaches, pineapple – just make sure they are canned in light syrup, not heavy.
---Applesauce, cinnamon, and a dash of powdered sugar are also great additions to any waffle.
---Peanut Butter and low fat cream cheese are both healthy options if you don’t add more than a Tablespoon. (remember they are high in calories so watch your portion.)   
---If you are going to stick with the traditional syrups be sure to choose the sugar free or at least lite versions. Sugar free maple syrup has only 35 calories versus regular maple syrup that has 210 calories per ¼ cup. 
---Whole wheat versions are packed with fiber and are just as tasty.. so don’t be afraid to try them. Remember fibrous foods help you still fuller longer... so you wont be wanting a snack a hour later. 
---Also when dining out always ask for the syrups and butter on the side.  That way you have control of how much you want added to your plate.
---I can’t forget nuts. Although nuts are very high in calories, they are loaded with your good fats… so sprinkle a few on your waffles for added crunch. Just don’t add too many or they may aide in packing on unwanted pounds. 

So get yourself  a waffle and let me know how you chose to healthy it up.     

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