the true cost of Obesity!

Americans are getting bigger and bigger and bigger every year.  Obesity is def. on the rise... and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  So here are some interesting facts on the obesity epidemic.

1. Here are the most recent %'s of obese adults (BMI >30) for each state.   Pretty alarming that pretty much every state, with the exception of Colorado has a rate of greater than >20% obese.  This isn't even just overweight percentages but obese.  Click here to see how the numbers have increased over the last 23 years or so. It is very interesting. 

2. When talking just overweight (BMI 25-29.9) nearly 32.7% of Americans are overweight. When combined with the more than 34% of Americans that are Obese, 66.7% of adult Americans are either overweight or obese.  These numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics.  That is a lot of fat people walking around. 

So what is the true cost of obesity... not only for the obese but for everyone.  I found this article; Ambulances start charging extra for the obese.  
In summary, it costs about 2&1/2 times as much as a normal weight person. It takes more time to move an obese person, requires more man power, plus more expensive equipment is required.  I know from my experience of working in a hospital.... and seeing the patients that are there most often, a huge portion of them are obese.  They seem to have multiple problems.  So really in the end, being obese ends up costing more money for the hospitals.... which in turn makes health care costs increase, which then increases the cost for us all.  

Let's battle this together and not be part of the statistic. I know I want to be part of the 33% that is in the normal weight category. 

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