too Much Halloween Candy.

I thought this idea from One Charming Blog was a great idea for getting rid of all the extra Halloween and Trick or Treat Candy.  

It's called the Great Pumpkin.
On Halloween night, after trick-or-treating, let your kids eat as much candy as they want. They then put their uneaten candy back into their trick-or-treat bag and put it on the kitchen table. They don't have to do this--it's purely voluntary. But they know that if they leave their candy out, if they can part with the mini sized candy bars and endless rolls of smarties, there will be a cool present waiting for them when they wake up. The Great Pumpkin then comes sometime during the night and takes all of the candy out to the car to be taken to work the next day. Much like Santa, he then leaves a gift for each child.

Although I am pretty sure I would have been one of the kids that didn't leave my Bag full of candy out for the Great Pumpkin (I loved loved Halloween Candy as a kid), I still think that this is a great idea to try!  

Other tips on how to get rid of extra halloween candy.
1. Many dentists will buy back the candy.
2. Donate it to a food bank.
3. Store it away in your Food Storage!  -Can it or Freeze it.  Many candies will stay good for a very long tim if properly stored. (then there will be no need to buy more come Valentines, Easter etc)
4. Keep the Candy for gingerbread houses in December.

5. Take it to the office!  
6. There are a ton of recipes that you can make with the extra candy. 
7. Toss it. It's better to feel guilty about a pound of candy in the garbage than a pound of candy on your thighs. 

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