Mexican Food Makeover.

I would have to admit that Mexican food is probably one of my favorite types of cuisine. I love a tortillas, beans, rice, cheese, salsa, meats ….. but many of the mentioned foods are packed with fat and calories…. So to continue to feed my Mexican cravings, I have had to come up with ways that I can still enjoy my favorite food, but how to cut out some of the un-needed extra calories when dining out! 

  1. Always order creams, dressings, sauces etc on the side. That way you have control of how much sour cream, quacamole, creamy dressings that you are consuming.
  2. Go heavy with the salsa and the pico instead!  It is usually packed with flavor, high in vitamins, and has lycopene. It has hardly any fat and is very low in calories…. So load up.
  3. Always go for the soft shell vs. the hard shell. The hard shell has in some way been fried. 
  4. Go for the beans. If possible skip the high calorie meats and focus on the beans(especially black, pinto, navy, kidney). They are packed with fiber and protein, are low in fat, and have been linked in helping lower cholesterol.  So eat up.
  5. What the portion.  Most restaurants will give you 2-3- or even 4x the recommended portion size.  Even before eating, ask for a to-go box and put half of your meal away. That way you won't be tempted.  If you order small.... you will be small..... small portions = a small you! 
  6. Skip the tortilla chips.... or at least don't ask for a refill when the first basket is gone.  Many eat more than their needed calories for the meal just from their chips. 

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