GUM: Chewing your way to Weight Loss

Wrigley and the Biggest Loser believe that Chewing Gum is more than just a breath freshener…. and I agree!
I don’t know about all the scientific reasons listed in the article…. but for me I find that if my mouth is busy doing something then it isn’t going to be shoveling unhealthy and extra amounts of food into it. I find it most helpful when I am cooking. I am super guilty of being a ‘taste everything as you go along’ baker and cooker. Often times when I am done cooking a meal I am no longer hungry because I have snacked on so much of the meal while I was preparing it. So I find it super beneficial to grab a stick of gum while I am cooking.. that way I am not tempted to stick other food in. (I also have heard that taping your mouth shut during cooking has the same affect.. .haha).

So next time you catch yourself mindless eating.......or reaching out to grab for those cookies, grab a stick of gum and let your mouth lead you to weight loss.

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