90-10 rule.

Most people hear that I am a dietitian and automatically think and usually even state, “You must eat really perfect all the time.” Although I try to incorporate healthy eating practices into all my food choices, I have learned that HEALTHY food can be most ANY food, if eaten in MODERATION. So this is where the 90-10 Rule comes into play. 90% of the time, eat healthy food options, while 10% of the time enjoy your favorite ‘not-so-perfect’ of a snack. Just don’t go overboard with the 10% and make it 20-30%. I don’t want you to be so obsessed with losing weight and counting calories that you can’t enjoy food, eating, and life in general. Food is meant to bring you joy. I know it does me. The 90-10 rule also goes along perfectly with the Intuitive Eating concept…. If you are truly hungry for a treat… go ahead and treat yourself. If you allow yourself to eat the foods you love on occasion you aren’t going to deprive yourself so much that one day you crave the food so much that you break down and end up eating the whole bag of Oreos instead of just a couple cookies.
I love what Evelyn Tribole had to say in her book 'Intuitive Eating', “You will not suddenly get a nutrient deficiency or gain weight from one snack, one meal, or one day of eating. It's what you eat consistently over time that matters, progress not perfection is what counts.”

For those of you that know me.... Candy Corns are my #1 Candy of Choice. So I don't avoid them completely but let myself indulge in them on occasion. What's your indulgent food of choice that is to be eaten in the 10% category?

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  1. Chocolate chip cookies for me. Although usually I'm on the once a month schedule... my need for chocolate chip cookies generally follows the cues from my uterus. Haha. I think I could move it to 10% instead of 25% though!